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Artist Type: Digital Artist

About Me:

My name is Abby, I'm 23 in Texas. I'm a dog groomer by day, an artist by night, and an avid napper whenever I get the chance I live with my fiance, our 2 dogs Foxx and Harper, and our 2 ferrets Luffy and Ace. If you couldn't guess by our ferret's names I love anime! I also enjoy video games and consider myself a buff for horrible movies. My favorite colors are mint and lavender. A few of my favorite games include (But are certainly not limited to) World Of Warcraft, any Pokemon game, Spelunky, Minecraft, and Sims4.

Me As an Artist:

So, there wasn't really a type a good catagory for me to pick from. I picked digital artist because I do specify in mostly digital art, however, I do more than just digital. I do traditional, I sculpt in polymer clay, I craft, I do badges, buttons, jewelry, you name it! I just love creating!

About My Sonas

Abby, The First

She is an albino red panda Kuma-Mimi (A form of a kemonomimi). She is more or less a representation of me, though I have tweaked her personality a bit more. She isn't as shy as I am, and tends to speak her mind. She is confident in all that she does and doesn't back down from a fight, even if she's on the losing side.

Nova The Shy

My main Fursona. She is a selective mute, meaning she very rarely speaks. She shies away from everyone but Abby, who is her roommate. The galaxy marks across her body are akin to void storage. She can put things inside for safe keeping and, as long as she has a clear image in her mind, she can pull anything out. Though this takes a lot of concentration to do, and because she is so painfully shy she doesn't like to do it in front of other people since it attracts looks. I consider Nova's personality to be everything in me that I dislike about myself. My shyness, my inability to tell other's exactly what I'm thinking, the feeling of needing to hide away. I did this because I felt that Abby was all the things I loved in myself, and she needed a counter, and thus Nova. Even though their personalities differ so much they are really 2 sides of the same coin, and I think that is why their team dynamic works so well. They complete each other.

Ena, The strictly NSFW

Sort of like the title says, I designed Ena for strictly NSFW purposes. All the art I do of her is either NSFW or very adult oriented. She is a noncommittal Poly Pansexual. Meaning she doesn't have the intention of settling down, is fine with multiple partners at once, and will literally screw around with anything consenting with legs and bits. Even if she is the sluttiest slut to ever slut I have to be honest when I say she is by far one of my favorites to draw because of how wild and crazy she is. She is no holds bar down for anything and everything. I think the freedom to draw a character like that is what makes her so fun, not to mention she is a simple design so she is quick and easy... in more ways than one. As a side note, if anyone is looking for NSFW collabs, or whose sona wouldn't mind having a partner like her hit me up

Those aren't all the characters I own. I do have a couple more, I have 2 ponies, and another fursona, however, I don't draw them very often. The third sona I have I adopted strictly as a partner for Ena because I never have anyone to draw with.


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Nova Starburst

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Nova, 23, female, straight, taken. Patterns on her body act as a void storage. She knows little o...
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