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Abby found Nova passed out inside of a card board box in the form of a marled fox kit. Abby noted the strange, ever changing patterns on the kit's body, but decided that the poor thing needed help more than it needed her judgment over its fur patterns. Abby took the kit home, fed it some warm milk, and curled up with it in bed. Abby went to sleep thinking "Hope my land lord will be alright with me adopting another animal", but when she awoke she found Nova cuddled up to her in her anthro form. Abby immediately scurried out of bed thinking "How in the hell did this person get into my house?!". After taking a moment to calm down she noticed the markings on this person were similar to the marking on the fox she had found the prior day. Slowly, Abby poked at Nova trying to rouse her. Nova slowly opened her eyes and smiled up at Abby.

Abby attempted to question Nova "Who are you, where did you come from, how did you get here, who are you?!" Nova, visually nervous by the onslaught of questions looked down at her feet. Hearing Abby go quietly she looked up, sadness in her eyes. Abby asked, "What's wrong?". Nova slowly, and delicately lifted her hand to her throat. "You can't speak..." Abby said in a hushed voice. Lowering her eyes Nova shook her head. She looked back at Abby, pleading. Abby rushed off into another room.

She returned with a small stack of paper and a pen. "Can you write?" Abby asked. With eyes beaming, Nova nodded and took the supplies. On it, she wrote"

   "Thank you so much for taking me in last night. I was very weak, and got stuck in the body you found me in. Your questions are hard to answer because there is very little I know about myself, but I will tell you all I do know. My name is Nova, I am, what you people call a "Marbled Fox" however, I don't think that is fully what I am. You see, the patterns across my body? those are a sort of "void storage" anything I can imagine, as long as I have a full image in my mind of it I can pull from my body, I can also put things into them for storage. I am able to speak, however... It is very difficult for me to do so. I have what you call "Selective Mutism". I have wandered around the world trying to learn more about my past.  In your human years I am 23, however, when I take on my feral form I am but a kit leaving me to believe my true species is a very long lived one. I am sorry for any trouble I have caused you and will be on my way shortly. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to sleep for a little while longer to regain my strength."

Abby read her message, slowly nodding. "I will let you sleep here, for as long as you'd like, but when you wake up I want you to play some video games with me! Okay?"

Nova grinned widely and nodded vigorously!

Nova slept all that day and all that night. When she finally awoke there was Abby, sitting in the kitchen munching on something. Nova approached her and her stomach roared loudly. Abby jumped "Oh, you're awake... and apparently hungry." she laughed and said "sit down, I'll heat you up some waffles and sausage."

Abby watched as Nova devoured the food "Geez, settle down! There is more in the kitchen if you're still hungry. It isn't going anywhere... Well, unless I get hungry. "

Nova blushed and shook her head. Smiling, Abby grabbed her hand and pulled Nova to her feet "I believe you have a promise to keep!"

Abby quickly set up te gaming console and they played well into the night. There where even times she got a small giggle out of Nova. As Abby began to put away the console, Nova's face grew dark. She took the paper and pen, which Abby never moved from almost 2 days ago and wrote. "Thank you so much for your hospitality! It has been years since I have had a warm bed to sleep in. I'd best get going."

Abby yanked the pen and paper out of Nova's hand and said "I don't want you to leave... I want you to stay here... with me. I think we could be best friend's Nova, and I want to help you figure out who you are. If you'd like to... the room you've been sleeping in is yours if you want it."

After much debate and back and forth Nova finally agreed to stay with Abby. Within the first month the 2 were inseparable. Together, they have pieced together many holes in Nova's memory, as well as her history. Pieces Nova may have never found had she not stayed by Abby's side. Not to mention Abby helped her find love.

Abby acts as he best friend, sister, and protector.

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Nova, 23, female, straight, taken. Patterns on her body act as a void storage. She knows little of her past.

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