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Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my page :3 I make plushies!! I like making all sorts of plushies, esp of 'sona's cos the designs are always so interesting ♥ 
I have two characters (quite opposite in personalities) that I draw every now and then...Rahul the Indian Squirrel and Donney the Civet :3

****Commissions are open!**** 

Here's my Plushie info/price sheet! Just drop me a note if you want anything~

If you're interested in making your own plushies, I have a Patreon where you can have access to sewing patterns and tutorials, and free plushies/sketches if I get enough support!

Check it out here!

Waiting list:

special jointed 16" Virizion for IridiumX (sewing sewing sewing)

special life size Wander for Amanda (sew sewy sew sew)

Special 15" Jointed Theyf for experimentor-iblis (sewy sew mc sew sew)

Kitty jointed plush for someone on Tumbles (sewing)

Button plush for Conspirer (sewing)

Button Plushies for my patrons (ordering fabric)

Special 24" Emmy and Bunny plush for bunnyemmy (making pattern)

Asgore plush for Geist

Dress-up Badge for Charliekit (drawing out)

Special 13 ft Darkness Plushie for LiLithe (Complete! Working through delivery stuff~)


I'm really happy to do anything and everything (the more colourful and weird the better! XD ) So if you want something or a size that is not listed, just ask and I'll be happy to figure it out with you :)

I really like talking to everyone, but I dont like sitting in front of computer screens for long, so it takes me a while to reply to comments and journals, although I try to reply to everything!! :< 

See you around! ^_^


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I am SO sorry for spamming the front page

I just did the easy transfer thing from my FA gallery...I had no idea it would all come up on the front page too o_o Sorry everyone hahaa;;
26/05/2016 14:29

oooh everything is so shiny here

I like the layout to this place, kinda looking forward to trying it out, which is weird cos I normally find it tiring to use more then one site for sharing art! I hope I can manage to find all the artists I follow in other places @_@
25/05/2016 19:46


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|||*bounces up and down* Hi! Hello!! I love bunnies and I'm super happy to make new friends to pl...
25/05/2016 21:23


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Little Mymy posted to Theorah

28/05/2016 06:28

thanks for the fave! =^_^=

Hraefn posted to Theorah

26/05/2016 20:21

Greatly appreciate the sub!~ ^v^

Marina Neira posted to Theorah

26/05/2016 19:39

Hi Theorah! Thank you for subscribing to me. Your plushies are adorable!

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