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Simply put? Im a Anthro Snow leopard Who can change their form to whatever they like! >:3

I'm a little strange Even after you get to know me :P  I Tend to have strange moods and do things i don't usually do out of nowhere! XD

I love to play computer games. Lots and lots of them x3 So far i guess i love MMO's the most but I've not been able to settle down in any yet because im terrible at that especially when i cant make any friends ;-; When i do they last a bit longer but sometimes its hard for me to stay focused on one game and then it just blows up in my face >.< whelp...

I do play rpg's allot like skyrim and others I love co-op games. Especially when I'm on the same side as my friends :3  I've been playing the moba League of legends allot lately I prefer the Role Support as I'm not a very aggressive person. or i try to be. i do end up taking the kills though "i swear it was just luck" x3 sometimes i hit that 1 AA to get an assist and i end up with the kill xD Though i guess i could of used that heal or shield ability to get it :X

I'm not much of an artist though i can draw.

I am writing a story right now but its nowhere near finished xD I have quite a large writers block....  (( plus i need more characters always more fun to have others join in ^^ ))

other than that I'm not very creative except when decorating a house on sims or second life xD

Most of my friends call me Simmy but you can call me wherever suites you best. I've never met another Simmy but I'm sure their great! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile x3

I know I've probably made so many grammar mistakes if you like IM me about them! :>

My personality type is INFP-T   I have no clue what this is i saw it on someones profile and desided to look it up and do a test x3


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