Titan X the Wolf is feeling Crazy
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i want to eradicate the evil from this world, and I would use my words as bullets. or bullets as my words, and I dont care with who Im "talking"
07/04/2017 16:41
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something to write, plz

hello everyone, me again, im looking for something to write, i have a lot of spare time and if you want a story to be made or anything like that, contact me, thanks and see tou later.
28/03/2017 18:25

mistakes from the past (part 2)

a strange and ancent virus was found frozen in the arctic, this strange virus kill the host in question of hours but after the death the virus take complete control of the rotten body making it very agressive and strong,the virus got out of control and infected hundreds and then thousands infecti...
26/03/2017 06:13

mistakes from the past.(part 1)

in the mid-21st. century a war on a word scale broke between humanity for unknown reasons, one of the faccions on this war was starting to do research about genetic modification, they concluded in the creation of thousads anthropomorphic of almost all predators wolfs, tigers, lions etc. named "fu...
16/03/2017 19:22
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Hello everybody!

First of all, hi Im titan, im new here so if you want to give me some tips of how this place works and all of that stuff. as you can see in my profile I'm a writer and all the images that ill update will not be mine, and please don't ask me to draw, my draws looks like I made them with my butt. b...
16/03/2017 06:05