Gem the Squirrel is feeling Happy
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Hi.. I'm Gem.  Just a little squirrel (squiggle) girl who likes to draw stuff.

In reality I'm a 35 year old scottish girl living just outside London, UK with my husband and cat.

Drawing is a HUUUUUGE passion of mine and I always feel at my super most happiest when i'm creating stuff, be it, art or stories or songs or crochet or...just a mess hehehe.


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incoming flood

Super duper sorry for this in advance...just found that theres like a import/link FA gallery to furrific gallery extension thingumy so am about to utilise it.
24/05/2016 04:54
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Asking folk about what I should upload here.
03/09/2015 06:11


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Nurami Lurazu

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midnight wolf posted to Gem

21/04/2021 16:03


Gem · 21/04/2021 17:59


midnight wolf · 21/04/2021 18:24

how are you?

Emerald · 1 month ago

Hi! I LOVE YOUR ART! It is so dang cute and funny and embarrassing! I love it!

Toxy posted to Gem

11/02/2021 21:25

Hello gem the little squirrel ^w^

Toxy · 11/02/2021 21:25

im not asking for any commissions, im just asking for a friend

fire crescent posted to Gem

21/10/2017 03:41

hero!!!! -waves excitedly-

Picou eliete posted to Gem

10/10/2017 16:01

So we had to make poems in class and I made a poem about me being a tbdl and your art helping me cope with it

CrinklyCosi posted to Gem

25/05/2016 00:46

Hey Gem! If you want to, there's an ABDL group here you can join

Bun Fluffpaws posted to Gem

23/05/2016 09:51

I saw your journal and i saw CFz :D 

Gem · 24/05/2016 09:42 · 1 Reply

Ooh see you at confuzzled yay yay

Bun Fluffpaws · 24/05/2016 11:08

Ill message you when im there / will probably see me suiting around the lobby anyway. Are you there on the early day? Im getting there around 5pm ish.

TwoTone posted to Gem

07/09/2015 01:42

*pounces and slobbery slurps a sqiggle*

Brian posted to Gem

06/09/2015 04:00

*pounces on Gemma* Hiya!

Casper the puppy posted to Gem

04/09/2015 18:18

hai gem (hugs)

Gem · 05/09/2015 01:07

 Hi there *waves*

smieb posted to Gem

02/09/2015 19:40

Am I too late to join the fun?

Thanks for sharing!

Gem · 03/09/2015 08:19

 Theres never such a thing as too late hehe

smieb · 04/09/2015 00:38


Madeline posted to Gem

02/09/2015 14:53

 This looks awesome ^^ Thanks for sharing it~

Gem · 02/09/2015 21:06

 yeah im really enjoying this place. it feels fresh yet familiar

Madeline · 02/09/2015 21:07

 Agreed ^^

Terara~ posted to Gem

02/09/2015 11:17

 *huggin* This place is neat. I'll have to set up a proper profile when I get home... P:

Hi Gem. :3

Moonshot · 02/09/2015 13:48

Me to, App is soo good

Gem · 02/09/2015 21:07

 It looks like a pretty fun place. I think im gonna stick around here more that weasyl an sofurry

Moonshot posted to Gem

02/09/2015 09:14

Follows you from Fa, here I can use my normal name c:

Gem · 02/09/2015 21:07

 why cant yoo use yoor normal name other places?

Moonshot · 02/09/2015 21:35

already taken .D. but not here :)

ToshidoGamekaze posted to Gem

02/09/2015 09:03

Ashly posted to Gem

02/09/2015 07:33

Hey thanks for telling me about this site~ [emot=22]

Gem · 02/09/2015 21:07

 It was tato that I found out this place existed so its really her you should thank hehe

Tea posted to Gem

01/09/2015 19:27

 Gem Gem! ♥

Tea · 01/09/2015 21:27

I meant to say welcome there too, but, you know, I'm not very good at this :P

Gem · 02/09/2015 07:47

 Thankyoooo Im tryin' to learn how this site works. it looks pretty ace actually!

FibS posted to Gem

01/09/2015 17:23

Squirrels are great!

Gem · 02/09/2015 08:38

 Fankyooo! Its all about the tail my friend. Squiggles are like 80% tail hehe

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