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incoming flood

Published: 24/05/2016 04:54

Super duper sorry for this in advance...just found that theres like a import/link FA gallery to furrific gallery extension thingumy so am about to utilise it.  i dunno if that means its about to bombard this site with all my submissions on FA ...but theres quite a few of them. .So by the end of today my Fa gallery and here should be completely in sync which would be nice.

I really should use this site more often.  It's my favourite one out of all the others there are.  its a bit clunky but theres just something about it that feels...nice...I dunno...homely....maybe because it's a little naff (not as naff as FA)  I just like it for some reason.   Anyway have hugs *hugs*

FriskyWoods · 24/05/2016 06:59

I can't even get into my FurAffinity account anymore, so this will probably become my new home for furry art. I've talked to one of the admins and they claimed they'll be moving all my art from FA to Furiffic.

Sheato Shadeslight · 24/05/2016 07:06 · 1 Reply

Reset your password, Frisky

FriskyWoods · 24/05/2016 08:11

I can't, for reasons I've explained on my own journal.

Nurami Lurazu · 24/05/2016 11:52

*puts on her waders* I'm ready.

Marina Neira · 24/05/2016 13:09

 maybe because it's a little naff (not as naff as FA)  I just like it for some reason << Lol yep it's hard to explain isn't it? And I guess that isn't actually a compliment to the site, but it IS something I love about it. 

Verlock Teldraken · 24/05/2016 18:12

Yess bring on the flood

Verlock Teldraken · 24/05/2016 20:21

BOOOM !!! 432 new submissions !!!!!!  I am in heaven

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