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A commission for fuzzyjack  fuzzyjack of him and his little sissy unicorn Yuki redneckfur  redneckfur I really love how this one turned out especially Yuki's hair.

Jackie wrote a small story to go with this....

Lately Yuki had been really stressed out, mostly from work and over dramatic friends. Like any good boyfriend, Jackie could see it starting to wear on his partner's nerves. Deciding enough was enough, Jackie set up a special day where they could both relax, without telling Yuki what he had in mind though. When the day arrived and Yuki discovered what was in store for him, he whined and fussed of course, but a few words of encouragement (and maybe threatening him with a little time over his knee) would bring him around.

As you can see, it didn't take long for this little filly to settle in to his new role for the day and let his worries disappear, seems grown ups know what's best after all.

<<ooh and i totally stole jackies tags too cause theyre funny>>
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