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Star knew she could shoot for herself, knew she probably wasn't as good a shot as Teca, but also knew that for a rubbish little fairground stall it probably didnt matter that Star wasn't trained as a sharp shooter. Star's competitive nature really wanted a go at shooting the targets herself, to prove to the woman from special forces that she could shoot just as adequately, but Star couldn't bring herself to ask.

Earlier she had been made to keep the pacifier in her mouth as punishment for swearing at Teca who had dragged her out of the house dressed in such a revealing and overly babyish outfit. Star had been threatened with a public spanking if the adult lynx removed the dummy, so she kept it in not wanting to bring any more attention to herself.

However having the pacifier in her mouth caused her words to lisp out babyishly which humiliated Star greatly so she opted for staying quiet as she sucked the dummy compliantly.

"Kitten, I asked you a question" Teca looked back at the corporal her eyebrows raised expectantly with the shooting rifle poised ready to shoot at the targets.

"Which toy do you want?"

Star just blushed. She didn't want a toy. She looked at Lure spinning in circles with the toy horse Teca had won him moments before. Manda beside him giggling at Lures pure elated glee at acquiring a new plushie.

Star looked back at the shelves of toys and pointed randomly at the shelf, pointing at a rather bedraggled looking koala bear not really caring what she chose, she just wanted to get back home and out of the public eye. She was in danger of needing the toilet and knew there was no way the others in her little outing group would let her use the public restroom

"Which one?" Teca grinned feigning ignorance, enjoying watching the corporal squirm.

Star pointed again, it didn't help that the mittens she was wearing made her paws pretty useless for things like pointing. She sighed and ever so timidly muttered two quiet words


Teca grinned

"Did you say koala bear kitten? I think that's what you said, baby babble is quite hard to decipher for grown ups, but Aunty Teca think she understands. Hmmm i'm not sure soggy butt, that one looks like its not suitable for children under three. We know your track history with toys don't we. Wouldn't want you to choke on an eye or something. I guess it's up to me to pick you a toy huh."

Teca gave her a confident wink and raised the gun turning her attention towrads the task at hand

Star cringed and blushed not wanting to speak up any further knowing that Teca would just shoot her back down again, seemed Teca was a good shot at everything.

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