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Been feeling a bit weird today...needy I guess, and whilst Star is my more kinky side, a girl who is fiercely independant and charismatic and strong, she also can be pretty vulnerable and just needs to be protected once in a while....Thats what this pic is about really. Sometimes she just needs to feel safe.


She had complained at first, protested that she wasn't a girly girl and preferred purples and greens and blues rather than the stereotypical pink. Just because she was a girl didn't mean she was going to play tea parties and dollies.

Her protests had fallen on deaf ears though and she soon found herself dressed the way her caretaker wanted her dressed. Despite her blushing and she had to admit the diapers she had been put in were wonderfully thick and comfortable despite their girly design.

She was carried over to the crib and gently placed inside even though she noticed it was only 7pm and she wasn't tired in the slightest, she tried to say words to that effect, but all she got for her complaining was a pacifier gently pushed into her mouth which silenced her effectively, she blushed more as the crib side was raised and she suddenly recognized that the top was much higher than she had expected.

Suddenly feeling very small and vulnerable being trapped as she was, she quietly purred as an arm threaded itself through the bars long enough to give her a light pat on the head. She was told it was past kittens bedtime and that good girls needed to go to sleep, her heart fluttered in her chest feeling so safe and protected she felt an unusal wave of exhaustion wash over her.

She was a good girl, she was only little, no responsibilities, safe and loved and insignificant in the grown up world. She yawned as she curled up on the plastic coated mattress covered in the soft baby blankets, feeling it crinkle under her weight, the smell of baby powder and lotion wafted around her as she moved, helping her to fall deeper into her little head space. She was just a kitten, a sleepy little baby girl who was up past her bedtime.

Quicker than she would have imagined she drifted off to sleep her cares forgotten, her head full of uncomplicated innocence.
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