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Im feeling quite poorly today so wanted to doodle up some easy things. to just chill out and draw so this is what happened. As you can probably see, currently all these YCH's are Star but they can be you.

Each pose is 25 dollars, and for once, Im gonna be selling these multiple times, so that means if you see a pose you like you can have it as it wont just be snapped up by the first person

So if you want one just fill in this little form below and NOTE me these details

1. Which number pose you would like
2. Your character reference
3. Diaper dry/wet/messy?
3. Choice of outfit (you can change the outfit to whatever you want, i'll even draw topless today...I mean I'll draw the picture wearing nothing on top, not I will draw the pic whilst being topless)
4. Wat expression will your character have
5. Your paypal address

I will then invoice you, but you dont have to pay immediately, so long as its by the end of November okay?

Just to reiterate...if you want one NOTE me, dont put your details in the comments thread okay?
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