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okay so now the fun properly starts. This seemed like a good page to end the year on. I cant believe this time last year Shine didn't even exist (well it kinda did as a concept in my head but not as a physical entity). So last page I changed up the text/speech bubbbles and a few people were having trouble reading them. this time round ive left out the white outline on the text lemme know if thats any better as obviously if the new text is causing issue with some peoples ability to read the comic, it kinda makes the whole thing futile

Anyway featuring my puppy runt wolfelysia and sweetmanda

Hugs are always welcome. If you like what you see and perhaps want to help make my comics pop out quicker and just generally want to throw me a little tip for doing what i do then
http://www.patreon.com/squiggle would be a nice place to go :D
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