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He didn't know how he got there, or who had brought him here, what he DID know was that he was currently bound and gagged and dressed humiliatingly like a little baby. this was quite embarrassing and unbecoming of a fully adult male lion yet try as he might he couldn't get free from the restraints. He blushed hotly as every movement he made, made him realize how helpless he had become and the crinkling sounds and wafts of baby powder from his over sized thick diaper made him whimper in horror. It was then that he heard a light chuckle
"Awww, Isn't my new wittle baby adorable? Yes he is! Don't worry little one, Mummy will take good care of you"
He tried to twist in order to see where the females voice was coming from and his blushing increased tenfold and he let out a long moan of despair when he realized the baby she spoke of, was him.

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