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So A little bit of Stars history and mine are kinda intertwined....well..actually a lot of stars history and mine really

This page is based on real life sadly

I was about 10 not 6 at the time but tragically it happened to me and my sisters at the same time so lisa was 8 emma was 6 and amanda was 4. We had all gone to my grans house for the day and when we came back found dad had randomly decided none of us needed stuffed toys anymore so threw them all out and the bin collection had come and taken them all to the land fill site. My sister Lisa was lucky because she was sooo inseperable from her favourite toy that she had brought hers with her to my grans, but i remember my other two younger sisters being soooo utterly inconsolable. I was upset but had to look out for my sisters more than my own emotions, So I got on my bike and cycled the 7 miles to the landfill site in the hopes I could find their toys.... I never found them. I remember feeling utterly wretched returning empty handed having promised my sisters I would do what i could to get their toys back. Perhaps No hope is sometimes better than false hope huh.
My dad has never apologized for that incident, but then he was quite poorly at that point in time so probably didnt realise how traumatic that was for us all.

Hugs are always welcome. If you like what you see and perhaps want to help make my comics pop out quicker and just generally want to throw me a little tip for doing what i do then
http://www.patreon.com/squiggle would be a nice place to go
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