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So yeah...errr this really happened to me on my first ever playdate. It wasnt a highchair it was this weird immobilzer outfit I was dressed in. I suddenly realised after it was put on me that I was in this house with a guy I had only just met and I couldnt move let alone escape.

I was 19 he was in his 30's and no-one knew where I was. Pretty dumb of me. Luckily for me he was a gentleman. I think Star has just come to the same conclusion. That in her blind sightedness to experience her first steps into the AB world she's gone and done something potentially quite dangerous.

Just make sure if you meet random strangers off the internet to do things in a safe manner. There are alternative dimension versions of me that are dead in a ditch somewhere LOL

If anyone ever feels like that want to support my art and see my comics in a larger resolution as well as various random perks and alternate text on the comic pages etc etc then
would be a really cool place to check out hehe.
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