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Soo errr..yeah I've been busy :D I really like this page. Theres something very neat and sharp about the lineart that i dunno what i did differently but hope I can do it again LOL.

That middle panel.....I get asked that question a lot Whats the RIGHT way to be an ageplayer. What makes one more valid than the other. Truthfully when it comes to being an Adult baby or a diaperlover or a babyfur or whatever label you want to stick on yourself....Just be who you want to be really. Theres no special set of circumstances that make you any more or less of an ageplayer. if you want to dientify as a 9 year old still in diapers you go for it, likewise if you want to be a 1 year old but dont want to wear diapers...do what you want. Thats the beauty of fantasies, they dont have to mimick reality. you can pick and chose the bits you want to do and dont bother with the rest. Its really that simple. Find what makes YOU happy not what other people tell you.

If anyone would like to support my art or comics feel free to check out my patreon here https://www.patreon.com/squiggle where you can see drafts and alternative versions of the comics I do.
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