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So this is this months big patreon group pic. If you recognise yourself in this feel free to go over to patreon and download the full res copy.

Benihime_Shido and tikagauntley are happy making acefox84 look pretty

themancat13 doesnt want to drink the bottle but maronminitaur knows that rules is rules and all babies need there milk even if it is laced with various things to help get little babies to use their diapers authentically so he is helping

Another one of the sleepover rules is that no adults are allowed in so when sicle_family stumbles in, he's immediately set upon by hasbeengoing who is helping him into some more appropriate attire

Then aggykat is spinning teh needle to yell out the next colour in a game of twistfur.... Where AlayaPrideMaynara and Felix_Lionheart are all trying to win

Then finally in the corner we have me struggling, in much the same way as Tim, i've been told its dinner time and I've aleady said I dont want it knowing whats in the milk and what it'll rapidly do to my currently clean diaper (incidentally blame those in the stream for the fact im dressed all in pink....again) but JimmyWolf2007 being the good daddyfigure that he is, knows whats best for fussy kittens and doesnt appear to be taking no for an answer. guess i'm doomed....again.

This took about 12 hours in total from start to finish all streamed today. If you wanna have a shot at this sort of thing next month then feel free to support my patreon https://www.patreon.com/squiggle no matter what level you choose you're in with an equal chance of being in the next pic.

There will probably be a wet/messy version of this at somepoint in the near future....but now I need food and sleep LOL
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