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Featuring the ever lovely luringsweetmanda

Whilst I do indeed enjoy the idea of spanking...im a total wuss when it comes to pain so will do pretty much anything to actively avoid a spanking...whilst at the same time pushing my luck as far as it will go in order to get one......yeah.... I get the feeling Manda can probably be quite scary when she needs to be. however i really cant imagine Lure being scary ever *giggling lots*

I noticed when colouring this page that i'd stupidly left out the red collar on the kigu in the previous page so i've fixed that too. LOL not the least of the continuity errors in this comic by any stretch of the imagination, but even for me that was a fairly glaring omission and i'm actually surprised no-one had picked up on that in the previous page So HUZZAH for noticing something on my own for once.

Also this is the last page this month probably thats the four I needed to do to complete my patreon pledge for september....There MAY....MAAAAAY..be a 5th page this month but like I said..no holding breaths I dont wanna be responsible for anyone dying.

Also Also.....sorry for the sorta...rushed look the last few pages have had.... I'll return to the proper looking stuff when I get back from America. honest...hopefully...maybe. (just realised i've done 6 comic pages in 10 days so yeah a tad on the rushed side)

ALSO ALSO ALSO.... https://www.patreon.com/squiggle if yoo wanna.
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