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Artist: Whats that Star? Are you alright?

Star: "Mmnnmmg nmmggff!"

Artist: You like your Halloween outfit?

Star: *shakes head*

Artist: Awww but why not? The people here picked it out specially for you. You look adorable.

Star: *glares*

Artist:Maybe baby is just cranky...You probably need a nap huh.

Star: *sighs* "FuuMuuLuuf!"

Artist: It's just as well I cant understand babybabble..cause I would be inclined to think that might have been a naughty word, and then baby might find herself in a bit of trouble

Star: .....


I should probably say that thelostone should possibly go into hiding for a few days after suggesting the babys first pageant theme for stars halloween costume hehe...I should also say that there may be other star costumes in the works from that big list people gave me :D so im not sure if star will end up wishing that she'd just stuck with this costume or not
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