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featuring the lovely Lure drooling LOL luring Such a baby. I love the idea of Operation Sneaky Wee too. That really made me giggle lots. Not sure how long her luck will hold out.

Sorry to disappoint a lot of people...well... I'm not really sorry. I've got a story going on and I know where it's heading and Star's too competitive and independent and new to the whole AB thing that wetting herself (especially with her panties still on underneath) just was never something that was going to happen. No matter how many people were demanding it.

There will be huge chunks of fetishy stuff by the time she gets to the party, honest.

Made this page tricky for myself doing weird poses and angles and stuff took way longer than most pages for some reason

Edit: Oh yeah stupid patreon thing http://www.patreon.com/squiggle go there if you wanna throw some money at me fankyoo please
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