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I love that last panel, star just looks so damn happy

A quick quick page of shine before im away for yet another weekend. The background is awful lets just ignore that okay. I'll fix it when we get home. promise I need to work out how to populate backgrounds without them looking naff really LOL

Also....years and years ago some haters accused me of being a pedophile due to people just wrongly associating ageplay with pedophilia but truthfully it hasnt happened to me within the last 7-8 years. I think generally the masses are becoming more aware of different fetishes and suchlike and most understand the difference between being sexually attracted to children and wanting to BE a child. The two are very very very different things. But there are some pretty ignorant and dumb folk out there, when you hear of stories of lynch mobs beating up pediatricians and things like that you cant help but despair a little.

Also...I need a wizkit :D
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