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This is my half of the trade struck up with airwolf1987 his half can be found here http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19365585/

Anyway...a little story popped into my head whilst drawing it soo....


"It's time for bed, Kitten." Alioth smiled from his position on the sofa watching the 25 year old lynx's head shoot up from her position on the floor as she played quietly with the soft baby toys he had given her.

"Unka Ali...It's not even six o clock! I can stay up waaay later...I'm not even tired!" Star whined her brain already whirring through several excuses and reasons to stay up longer. She had had such a wonderful day of being looked after she didn't want it to end, and certainly not at six in the evening, that was still late afternoon and certainly not a time she would expect to go to bed.

"Are you talking back to me young lady?" Alioth smiled at her, his smile and eyes were kind but his voice had a hint of danger to it that suggested Star didn't want to push her luck, She put on her biggest most pleading eyes.

"Pleeeese..I can stay up till nine. PLEAAAASE!"

The adult fox chuckled and leaned back on the sofa, a confident smirk on his face.

"Tell you what, Kitten, you walk over here and ask me nicely and I'll consider it. If you can prove you can toddle like a toddler, I will treat you like one and you can stay up for an extra hour."

Stars heart sank, from her position on the floor she was possibly five paces from the sofa, but she already knew she'd fail the task, she had failed it earlier when Unka Alioth had put her in such thick terry diapers and plastic pants that she had managed a single wobbly step before collapsing on the carpet below and he had scooped her up and hugged her tight praising her for that one step. Star stayed seated on her thickly padded rear remembering her failure from earlier.

"What's the matter Anastasia, don't you want to play anymore, is the little baby tired after all? It is getting pretty late for teeny little girls like you, isn't it?" Another chuckle escaped from the male fox.

Star, incensed by the use of her real name, and letting her competitive nature take over slightly, struggled to her paws, the thick booties already proving to be an issue as she wobbled standing upright.
"Ooh wow baby, you're standing all by yourself, whose a clever girl! Is that you? Are you going to try and toddle all the way over to me? Come on, you can do it!"
Star blushed deeply at Unka Alioths patronizing tone, feeling the thick terry towelling pushing her legs apart, made her feel very vulnerable and small indeed, those five steps looked like miles. She gulped, took a shaky tentative first step and came crashing down...or she would have done, had Alioths lightning reflexes not seen him jump from his position on the sofa and catch the falling lynx, sweeping her effortlessly up into his arms. Star's already pink face turned several shades of deeper red, her heart leaping into her chest at having been so easily plucked from her paws. She wrapped her arms around his neck feeling safe in his arms, her ears flattening subconsciously submissive.

"Right Kitten. I think that's just proved it's time for little girls to go night night. Don't worry i'm sure you'll be big enough to stay up till seven one day...now how about a nice warm bottle of milk and a bedtime story? You'd like that wouldn't you"

Star gave the tiniest nods before burying her blushing face into the dark safety of Alioths neck, allowing herself to be carried up to the nursery and the crib that awaited her.
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