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Today marks the 2nd birthday of this account. I can't believe its been two years already and cant believe how errr crazy Shine took off. For being just a pet project it certainly sprouted its own wings and sorta exploded in a way i hadnt expected it ever would. I always thought creating this account would attract trolls and drama which was why it took me a number of years to build up to accepting the more adult natured side of my life, but it's been just a really amazing and lovely part of my life and I can't believe I didnt do it sooner really.

But now I have to get it published cause thats what i promised fans so I thought this would be okay for a front cover of book 1.
ACID thefurry ยท 27/12/2016 02:49

Tastic cover

Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™Œ

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