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I would like to point out i have never been a soggybutt. Lure is a soggybutt allll the time. the fact that bella would even suggest I was soggy is slander and lies. I would also point out that if this is the sort of thing that breaks star...she's gonna need resetting a LOT in the upcoming pages.

I have been an ageplayer pretty much all my life and I still get mortified if people talk about the state of my pants. See I cant really even type diapers if im referring to myself. i can say your diapers, their diapers, not an issue but when I have to refer to them being mine...well..yeah it becomes squirmy and blush mode activated. You'd think that sort of thing would wear off but it doesnt seem to.

Also I always forget to pimp this but... if you wanna support my comics http://www.patreon.com/squiggle is a good place to go.
moonlight ยท 06/04/2020 19:21

boy i loved the''ho dear... i think we broke the baby''

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