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Featuring sweetmanda and teca

Things demand chewing...it's not my fault...its the law.
I also think Bob was trying to make a break for it and head off down the pub. I think he's had enough of this.

Theres somethings very special and alluring to being talked about or talked over as if you cant understand, or that you're so lost in your own little world you dont comprehend that people are talking about you. Its one of the quickest ways of getting me into little headspace.

Also...that second panel....thats the best tena maxi slip i've ever drawn....just saying

Also ... if you wanna support my comics http://www.patreon.com/squiggle is a good place to go.
Secretfurry · 18/08/2017 16:35

Star looks so adorable in the third panel. Her eyes literally sparkle ❤️😍

Bon-Bon · 5 months ago

IKR!!! 0w0 so cute

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