Uploaded 10/06/2016 17:22

It seems that whilst Bella got lure changed she also changed herself. Thats a large part of whats awesome with Bella, shes highly customisable and has a different look every time she walks past her wardrobe LOL. So she's gone with a sort of crazy show presenter/circus ringmaster/clown sort of look. no doubt she'll get another couple of outfits before this little section is over, and considering theres not many pages of this part left she better get a move on LOL.

Also I love how in the first panel that bob turns up he's like "star we need to discuss your blanted disregard for my wellbeing"
Then in the 5th panel he's like "well FML I had almost escaped"
Then finally I like how in the last panel even bob gets to comment on Lure's outfit..or ishe commenting on Bellas...im not quite sure LOL

Random halo24/07/2016 19:08

Quick question when is more shine coming out sry if I am bushing just a little i really like the art work and the skills that you have

ACID thefurry27/12/2016 02:25

I luf theese stowies!  馃槃

Nightshade12/01/2017 22:39

loving the comic!

The DAVE19/05/2018 08:57

I really like the art, the story and the characters. I like star as a person

The DAVE19/05/2018 08:57

Please make more

TraceyWD311 months ago

In Reality this is very sad to see. An amazing Artist who made amazing work. Was excited and happy and Hype for everything. I had so much hope. But it seems they no longer are active. And frankly it's sad to see. I wouwould loved to see where the story went. But Know Gem. You were very good. I had gone all the way back to the first posts and spent my night reading. I hope your doing well. Creator of not only The series of gem. But also the star Series.

One furry boi1 month ago1 Reply

When will you upload again it's been three years

TraceyWD31 month ago

Good news my friend. She does still upload. Just not at this site anymore. She now uploads on another site. If you Dm me on discord I can send you a link to her page so you can continue reading. ^w^, my discord is TrackxWD3#7277

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