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Ko-Fi doodle for Kinggold63 featuring his characters Zach and Evan.

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It seems as though the pair of them have applied and been selected to be contestants on a new gameshow. The first round seemed to be a straightforward question and answer round. The host explained that the first round was simple; each contestant had 3 lives, get a question wrong and you lose a life, lose all 3 lives and you're out of the game, what could be so difficult about that?

Then all of the contestants noticed a series of hooks descending behind them, several members of the stage crew came up behind and attached the hooks to each one of the contestants underpants, causing some of them to let out a little squeak from the coldness of the hook.

The host then explained the catch. Each time you lost a life the hook would be raised slightly. The first life would make the hook raise enough so you could feel your underpants being pulled on slightly but not enough to give you a wedgie (presumably this would be to apply some pressure to the contestants). Lose the second life and the hook would rise again, this time hoisting your underpants as far up your back as possible to give you a mega wedgie, but not enough to lift you off the ground. Then if you lost the third life you would be winched off the ground and be given a hanging wedgie for the rest of the show while the remaining contestants could proceed to the next round.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the host also explained that online viewers could watch the losers through a separate livestream, and periodically vote which ones should endure "The Super Wedgie", whereby the contestant with the most votes was bounced up and down vigorously in their hanging wedgie.

Poor poor Evan, he's lost all 3 of his lives and is now going to be enduring nothing but pain and humiliation for the rest of the show. Although it looks as though Zach may potentially be sharing the same fate as him, he's not looking too confident that he'll be able to get the next question right, and the nuclear wedgie probably isn't doing him any favors.

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