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Ko-fi doodle for Kele featuring his Sangheili character

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As my new superior Kele is carrying out a very "thorough" uniform inspection on me. The huge and intimidating Sangheili just stood there with a stern look on his face as he examined me up and down. Then suddenly, completely out of nowhere he dug his right hand into the front of my pants and rummaged around causing me to blush a little with embarrassment. Then the fear really set in as I felt him take a firm grip of the waistband of my blue, standard issue briefs. The next thing I knew I was being hoisted off the ground, my balls crushed under the weight of a painful Melvin, my booted feet dangling off the ground. The Sangheilis expression didn't change at all, his stern look just kept piercing into me; I was filled with a mix of fear and embarrassment. After what felt like an eternity of pain and humiliation he finally gave me his seal of approval and dropped me back to the floor, leaving me to stand there with my underwear bunched up over my uniform as he moved onto the next member of his team to be inspected.

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