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Lilan was alone since birth. He trained himself to hunt the mutated prey and feast on fruits. He was practically feral, completely one with the Earth. But Lilan was then captured by the very creatures who have abandoned this planet. It was a scary experience, he never has seen working technology, only the ruins of empty cities. He was tested on and trained to become a strong fighter for the advanced species. His goal was to become a planetary entrepreneur for these beings, to find the perfect planet where the conditions were safe and livable. Because of this, Lilan has suffered through many harsh conditions, as he was monitored after being left on seemingly safe planets to survive.


1.4 Meters · 4 Feet, 7.11 Inches


36.2Kg · 5 Stone, 9.8 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type




Extra Attributes

His eyes have a thin swirled like pupil, very minor changes allow him to have ultimate night vision or be able to see easily in harsh light conditions.

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Lilan is a mandrake-papillion hybrid, born on a long-abandoned earth. Humanity and anthros have left long ago, so nature took back the earth, creating the little mandrake pup.

-Continued in backstory-

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Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

I prefer to use Lilan in a sci-fi setting or an early civilazation setting typically on a planet that is not earth. Like a planet where there is still developing society, or space themed roleplay.