Tory Denectora the Dog
Artist Type: Crafter

: Tory was created when Artimis tried to create a clone of himself. There was an error; the process was disturbed and the produced clone was not only not a clone, but it became a full person with its own personality. After Tory was created Artimis felt sorry for the little guy, and since he was technically his father Artimis decided to take Tory in and raise him.
A week after his creation the tattoo on Tory's back suddenly showed up and Artimis realized that he was special, so he took it upon himself to teach Tory how to use his magic. In the end Tory was kidnapped, had his memories erased and was left in a ditch in the middle of a city in the northwest of the United States. Artimis has not given up hope on locating his son.

Extra Details

Personality: Very shy around new people but still loves to meet them. He does not like to be the first one to introduce himself.
Abilities: has the ability to control the earth and Fire, is partially telekinetic, and has the ability to control minds of those with weaker minds.


1.45 Meters · 4 Feet, 9.08 Inches


60.78Kg · 9 Stone, 7.99 Pound

Eye Colors

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  • Created: 9 months ago


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