The Search for the Wishing Stone
A long time ago on the planet Nexis there were four friends that loved hanging out with each other. There was a problem with that though for they were part of two different clans. There were three clans on the Nexis. One clan The Light Riders are some of the nicest people you can meet. The Light Riders live in the Land of Light next to The Lumina Falls. The next clan is not known to be very nice they call themselves The Shadow Dwellers. The Shadow Dwellers live in the Dark Realm which can be found anywhere there is darkness. The last clan is a neutral clan called the Invisibles. None of the Invisibles live in any specific spot because they are nomadic, and never stayed in one place for more than about a year or two.
The light and dark clans did not get along well. No one knows why they don
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This is the prolouge to my story that I have been working on the first chapter but it will be some time before it comes out.
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