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Uploaded 26/03/2017 18:25

I kinda had to add a few minor tweaks to my stockings that i usually wear, along with a redesign of my boots. yet i like how the new outfit looks more like a punkette than my other design of me.

then again i might still have to wear the penticale star necklace as always. why? because i kinda like being a Pagan myself, that's why. [emot=48]

Emizima Kurasaki © @ToshidoGamekaze
Art by @ToshidoGamekaze

-UPDATE- 2/17/16
*Updated watermark design

*The color on the hair switched out from glossy to solid.

*Updated Character's Hairstyle

*Emizima's head has been updated, along with her Hairstyle also.

-UPDATE- 3/22/17

* Altered the character's head shape
* Removed eyeshadow
* Updated the design on the stockings

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