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A reference sheet of me, but with a casual look to boot. which of course is just a striped hoodie and a band T-shirt underneath it. yet all other parts of the clothing remains the same, but the skirt in a different color.

Emizima Kurasaki © ToshidoGamekaze 2009 - Present

American Idiot Album Cover Parody design done originally by CandiTheWildPiggy, Remixed by ToshidoGamekaze

-UPDATE- 12/16/16

* Updated the texture layering on the character's outfit

-UPDATE- 1/3/17

* Tweaked the colors on the zipper
* Added a seatbelt buckle belt onto the skirt
* switched out the skirt's color from solid to textured.
* Added Color swatches for the character's eye color and seatbelt buckle belt

-UPDATE- 3/22/17

* Altered the character's head shape
* Removed eyeshadow
* Updated the design on the stockings
* Added a color swatch for the character's stocking color

-UPDATE- 12/10/17

* Added Color swatches for the character's Striped Hoodie
* Altered the shape on the strings for the hoodie
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