Toxi the Dingo is feeling Artistic
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Commission Status 11 April 17

Please use this order form to contact me regarding commissions: {} If you do not see the commissio...
1 month ago

Commission OPEN!

Submission by Toxi {/Toxi/view/81174} Commissions are open! Please refer to pricelist as a guide or feel free to inbox me if you are after something more specific :)
8 months ago

Streaming! SFW

Safe for work stream: {}
10 months ago
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I've Joined Ferzu! {} I've joined this new site- granted- it DOES kinda look like a dating website (not the purpose I wanna use it for) but it's not too shabby as a social networking site either and for finding furries in your gener...
11 months ago
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Hello new furry art site!

So I must admit, tonight is the first time I've ever heard of Furiffic (loving the import function by the way, hopefully I can get my art transferred over before I go to bed :) My name is Toxi De Vyne, I'm a rockabilly dingo from Brisbane Australia, obsessed with lime green, a purely safe for wo...
11 months ago