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*Disclaimer- this is in no way affiliated with official furry down under business. Every year I make a movie poster style art work featuring Toxi De Vyne as the star around the yearly theme of the con :) This year our theme is Toon Town! It was a hard one for me to fit my style into but hopefully I've managed to bring it together! And look my partner foxronyo  foxronyo is featured as well!!! (you wouldn't really run me over with a toony train would you hunny? D:)

Last years poster: 2015 Jurassic Safari http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15602466/

This will be available as a print for purchase at furry down at my artists table ;) come see me and say hi if you're attending!!!! look for the fancily dressed girl in green! :D

Like my page on facebook for information regarding commission openings and streaming times http://facebook.com/misstoxi

Catch me live on Tigerdile https://www.tigerdile.com/stream/toxi/
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