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Audri Sciuto is me I am Audri Sciuto

A Saber tooth tiger in appearance with mid to long length blue hair that is always lighter at the tips, Pink to fuchsia colored eyes featuring a long feline tail, set of wings made up of magical elemental fire that changes color with her mood while also changing size based on the strength of her mood, she has a set of horns on top of her head that are made of layered metal bronze, has a long prehensile tongue that she can extend to arms length with the visible tip in her mouth being a normal flesh pink the rest being a teal color and has several tattoos, two being on her arms of cartoon like clouds or steam, another on her hip of the bio-hazard symbol in a UV reactive green ink.

She was born male and lived as a male up until her eighteenth birthday were she began to look into transition to become a female, researching into any possible method for transition including magic, science, gods and religion, finally discovering that magic could only do so much for the untrained and that gods and religion were useless for altering her body, she turned to science and began taking female hormones quickly developing a feminine figure and over all female appearance in the span of a few short years, during such time she developed her magic skills and was able to alter her body further, giving her the woman hood she sought from the start, while she also decided to keep her other bits, but magics them away when they are not needed appearing to be completely female.

Being a hybrid of a saber tooth and a fire elemental she has an inborn magical ability while she is able to use magic easily it only applies to elemental magic, strictly that of the element of fire, any other magics she must learn the old fashioned way by practicing it, as a saber tooth she is a natural born hunter and has heighten senses with sight, sound, smell and taste, able to hear sounds normal humans cannot even several miles away, her sense of sight is sharper then a humans allowing her to spot movement easily even at long distances, her sense of smell being fine tuned to smell the iron in blood but is able to pick up other scents just as easily up to a distance of 15 meters accurately, but is able to smell much farther with less accuracy.

Her common clothing choices often include dresses and skirts, usually in a steam punk fashion, but will often switch it up and wear whatever she finds to be comfortable, including tee shirts, shorts, jeans, and sweat pants when just relaxing at home on a colder day, her more active wear when she goes to her favorite clubs is her cyber gothic outfits revealing a lot of her fur and where her hip tattoo is easily seen the most.

Her personality is that of a gentle soul, she often spends her time doing the things she loves or spending time with her friends, she enjoys gaming and is an avid gamer playing such games as Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age, and Fallout, for single player RPG games, when she feels

competitive or social she will play games that have a more online aspect, such as Call of Duty, Minecraft, GTAV, GOW, Battlefield, and Rainbow Six, she considers herself an Atheist, Agnostic, Egalitarian, Secularist, Pan-sexual, Transsexual.

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