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I am Generally a SFW and GORE Artist. Please read my TOS before commissioning me for full information
about what I will and won't draw. Announcements via submissions and Journals are made when I am open for
Commissions or Trades, but please click links below for any off-season commissions that are available as well.

Commission TOS | Trade TOS | Art Prices | Comic Prices | YCHs | To-Do List

Character References
These are my Main OCs and all their relevent info. Each one's page lists what
content ratings they are allowed to be drawn in without needing to ask me first.

Uluri | Sin | Kindling | Trace | Full list of Characters.

Some General Artists Info
Hello there, my name is Uluri pronounced You-ler-ee. I am a digital artist who's main focus in art is to create
an interactive environment that Watchers can contribute to. I hope you may all enjoy interacting with my OCs.

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🌱Random Draw Thoughts with Sin

As in My Demon character if anyone is confused by that title XD[lb] [lb] So, one set of things I would like to draw and sketch out would have to be Sin in a real world setting
1 day ago

🌱100% Good. Sweet. now to...

[b]Part 1: Fox video done[/b][lb] The absolute last and final thing has been completed
3 days ago


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A Kind and Hopeful Candlefox who loves to adventure.
31/10/2015 12:47


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Wow. I'm actually really loving this site. Is it super new because I feel like more people should be on here. I really like the upload tool. 

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Thanks Im glad you like them :) Especially since I hate/suck at BGs XD

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Thanks for the sub! Really nice stuff you've got, really detailed!

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Just looked at your character list, Hiruo is GORGEOUS!!! that little chibi in the centre of the ref sheet... I just want to hug it to death! :3

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21/01/2014 21:21

Really like you featured picture =:3

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