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?I Have a Pillowfort Account Now

Published: 8 months ago


I just made it a few minutes ago. Pillowfort is a Tumblr-esk art site. I will be uploading here Regularly along with all my other Artsites. I am thinking I'll probably post sfw and Gore on there. Dunno about posting my nsfw over, just my sfw and Gore.

First Impression: feels like tumblr but without the seizure-inducing flashing lights everywhere
Second impression: TAGS that work and a Blacklist! Aaaaahhh.
Third... Ahh new site now gotta figure out how it works. Kinda looks like tags are really REALLY important for finding stuff. Guess i'll make sure to tag my art as best as possible forever.

My first impressions upon joining this site is possitive. Usually when I join a new site I'm overwhelmed and confused, but this one I was relatively easy to understand basic things. it's all in front of me. So, positive rating thus far. WIll be posting here regularly. Will be checking in when I can. Adding this to my "active websites" list. Also, I cna't remember where I heard, but I remember hearing that this site will be open to public in like the year or a year or something. They were thinking about it I remember.

Pillowfort opened an invite-Sharing thread on their twitter if you are looking for invites: https://twitter.com/Pillowfort_soc/status/1302042558189703169

Replic · 8 months ago · 2 Replies

Heya! if you stay tuned for Furiffic 2.0, we will also introduce a big tag system, the blacklist feature we do already have, but will be better with this new system :) keep an eye out for the announcements ^^

Uluri · 8 months ago

Already looking forward to your future release. The activity on the furrific twitter is what reminded me to add this site to the post list.

Replic · 8 months ago

Ah, great to hear!, I was worried it died out a bit too much :p, but I'll try to keep it up to date every 2 days now :), Feel free to ask any questions if you have them about the future stuff and I'll try to do my best to answer them for you ^^

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