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Youuu You guys. XD I ran out of SFW asks a while ago and have been sitting on a pile of really nsfw ones for a while. I see you, whoever you are anon cats, and birds, and dragons. Some of you are real dirty.

Just wanted to make a post aknowledging this giant pile of lewd procrastination since it suddenly got bigger. It gives me a good chuckle. I intend to at least answer a few at some point in time, but man this pile is hard to look at without getting distracted. *stares down one of the Foxes' ask.

Anon Asks: https://goo.gl/forms/YULZLzrgGG9xNTQ02

On the SFW side, Thank you to you folks who randomly send me encouragement posts through here. You make me very happy and motivated to draw the things I like. I read everything sent in here. I appreciate all of them.

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