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Titled "break time"

I am slowly getting back to drawing spirits. I will be Slowly inching away at my current Commission queue now, aparent by my minature hour streams. As for New Future COmmissions, I won't be opening them... i think... or at least maybe only small sketchies or small chibis. I don't know how to plan my future the next one to two month in art.

I've kinda only been drawing twice a week for half an hour. sort of. Some scribbles every so often. even for myself. But do be reassured I'll be drawing again in time. i just feel not good yet. might draw some gore a little bit in between. I forgot to draw the Skewered snoms. i wanna draw those. they're cute. (and then i do absolutely not that, watch. XD )

Art Queue: https://trello.com/b/pv22Kd9u/art-queue

UNRELATED: don't breath in Soy+hot pepper sauce. Holy poop, don't. my lungs felt like I tried to eat hot gravel. I accidentally breathed some in eating some dumplings last night and holy heck it still hurts today. Lungs, my poor babies, i am so sorry. I don't know if that hurt more than breathing in pool water, but both made me near barf trying to breath. I think the sauce would have been worse if there was more of it. it burned going down and coming up. Posted using PostyBirb

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