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?Last Doodle Upload DAy! And POLL

Published: 2 weeks ago

April Fools Doodles
Today is the final day I am posting up the April Fools day Stream Doodles. I had SO MUCH FUN during the free art event that day. My favorite one I made was the very last one. It is majestic as heck. I'll be doing some sort of event at the end of every month I think. Reminder, Art supporters get early access to these events as well.

Art Supporter Polls for Picking Topics This Month
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Uluri
Subscribestar 18+: https://subscribestar.adult/uluri

I just posted up my Polls for the topics of the month. If you are interested in only SFW content I make, Patreon gets the SFW poll. If you are interested in the NSFW/Gore content I make, Subscribestar gets both the sfw and nsfw polls. BOTH ideas that are picked will be

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