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TLDR: Spring Cleaning and a rose bush battle. ow my back.

I've been at it for like a week now trying to get my home together inside and out. Yesterday, oh my gosh, yesterday I fought 4 wild rose bushes. Their roots are stupid big. Cleaned up around the Mailbox a lot so that I don't have to fend off Blackberry bushes and poison ivy again. My gosh and the inside of the house is an absolute mess. I have rearanged the house 3 times and I'm not sure if I'm satisfied yet or not. The place is trashed like mad. I can't do too much either because my back needs so much tender love and care. 4 rose bush battles was too much for sure.

I think I need to get one of those dumpsters to throw out all of the everything, because there is just so much garbage I need to throw out. TuT My trashbad area got some butthole animal in it two nights ago. I'm just so defeated at that because I already spent so much time putting it in the trash bags in the first place. He tore through three of them. AAAAAAAAAug.

Oh but also BURN TO ASHES the STupid thing I hated! FINALLY I got to get rid of it! Ahahahaha! Been waiting all winter for spring to be able to burn the big wooden stuff that wouldn't fit in a trash bag. Yay for Spring Rain. Posted using PostyBirb

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