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?Yeaaaahh! I did a thing!

Published: 2 weeks ago

:3 I rigged my own 2D avatar for streaming. It took FOREVER. Holy hell. Not only did it take me restarting over 8 times to make sure everything was done right, but the first full attempt was an explosion of a failure. I rigged it backwards XD. Making a 2D model avatar thing takes such a crazy long amount of time. So long.

The "Final" attempt itself after I learned and restarted so many times to make sure I did things correct still took me ALL DAY with only food breaks to get correct. Like. I woke up. And I finished... now. As I'm typing. I still have to tweak a few things I think. Holy Heck. (And I didn't rig the Hair fwooshy part. Im just, Nah. im good. Don''t need it XD ) Posted using PostyBirb

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