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Minecraft STream NEXT WEEK

Published: 2 weeks ago

My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/Uluri

1.17 update is on the 8th of THIS MONTH. You know what that means? I get to start my Solo Play world next week!!!! I'm going to stream it!

Here's the catch, though. Overworld spawn will only be 70 blocks, while I get full reign of the nether (if i open a portal) because I really REALLY wanted the caves/cliffs world generation that's going to happen in Christmas. TuT So My solo world is going to be a hellscape of Torture for 6 months before I can open it up to a peaceful world.

I invite you to join me some time next week on Youtube (either the 8th or 9th depending on how excited I get) for the start of a horrible journey. Beginning's going to be really rough. Also, I've never really streamed games before so It's going to be an interesting experience. Bare with me.

OH even if you miss stream, I'll try to edit video shortenings as nice little series. Posted using PostyBirb

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