Uluri the Fox is feeling Bouncy
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irl situation of emotions flood. Its "fine" right now, but i'm a turbulant mess. Art slowdown may end up happening. if things look up I think everything should be fine and dandy, but if things end up not good, I'll probably have to take a week or two to myself. More info when the time comes in 1-3ish days.

- I have a small backlog before I run out of art to post
- I'll be posting some art people made for me in place of my own for a little bit
- Since my minecraft was recorded, I will end up with 2 episodes eventually on youtube. The first is almost done. The second can be put on hold for a little bit.
- COmmission Queue I am SO SORRY its going to be very slow still. I want to work on the next comic page and hopefully some more of the Chibis. Posted using PostyBirb

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