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Thank you for joining me during my Minecraft Stream today on youtube. Sadly my OBS decided it wanted to die, so the stream ended a bit early and You guys missed me finding a 5 ore vein of diamonds before I realised the Crash! D: Oops. I did a 1 hour wood and cobble gathering stream a few hours later and then was blown up by a million creepers to make up for it.

- Episode 2 will be posted Saturday (this one's fun)
- Next stream will be an Art Stream probably Sunday (maybe saturday)
- Art uploads still incoming. I have a lot of em to post still

I'm really happy with my world i'm playing. it's a lot of fun. Especially with all of you guys joining in the chat. XD I DID NOT open the Nether, thankfully. I'll definitally do that on stream! But The gates can be opened the next time I play. its going to be wonderful. Posted using PostyBirb

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