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Not sure what you mean, Cat, but my Ask Thingy is for my Ask thingy. If its one of these, then yeah I read them all from that form. I don't have another form for anonymous asks that I read from if you want to send me a random question. If you comment on an ask I post with an ask, I may read it but big chances are that I won't answer it with another ask post because I can forget about it. I have some asks in my pile on this form that are 2 years old I think? Keeping them for when I wanna asnwer them.

If you are asking if I read notes in general, of course I do. Those are a conversation, though, and I'll answer the person who asks me directly and privately. It won't be turning into some random art post, that'd be rude. If you have a random question you want to ask me personally instead of my Anon Ask form, then you can. As long as I am active on that site, at least. >u> Can't answer if I don't ever visit the site after all.

Sites best for contacting Uluri: my website, FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Newgrounds, Weasyl, inkbunny, and even Pixiv.


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