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This dragon is a New Character with no name as of yet. Named it Loom for now. Freshly made. it's still hot off the baking sheets. WIll need to think about what to name this one soon. I suddenly got in the mood for character creation.

Design thoughts.
Top-view: decide how to fade between the black and yellow from the back of the head. When seen from above, Colors that show most are Yellow and Black.
Bottom View: When seen from Below Colors seen are mostly Red and Yellow.
Wings : Wingspan would make him look like an Obtuse triangle when flying. Fat plane wings, not skinny plane. WIngs can be drawn Bigger/More appropriately at some point for flight. Back side shows NO red.
Theme: Fire and smoke. The patterning is both for smoke and fire representation. It could also be easily interpreted as a Lava flow though.
Body type: Scaled. You are petting a Lizard.


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