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So, I've just found there are tons more furry art sites, so I've joined a few. I'm most active on my FA until I learn the ropes on these others, but I'm always available on Discord.

I've been doing digital art for a year now, consistently since around Thanksgiving of '17.

I've been told I should specialize in character creation, but I enjoy doing all kinds of art! Headshots, paintings, references, icons ... I'll do it all, especially if you're paying me.

I'll slowly add more in here, but here's basically what's on my FA, too!

✨ Commissions: Open | Requests: In-stream only | Trades: Closed

Icon is made by ME 

My Sonas

Please do NOT draw any on my sonas in NSFW images without asking me first. I don't mind fanart and gifts, but talk to be before getting lewd with my chars.
Do NOT use my art of any content on this page for yourself or RP unless the character is yours. All sonas are property of their individual owners.

My commissions pricing isn't too bad: Why not message me and I'll create something for you!

Every artist has that thing that drives them ... Buy me a coffee!


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