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Well hello there!

Thank you for stopping by :D

To save you the time of asking me:

Yes my commissions are open!

Requests are on hold

Trades are on hold

Gifts happens when I feel like it

Commission Slots:

#1: Hinken - Finish up the pilot chapter of Cleopatra

#2: Vindarten - Brainfreeze

#3: Melody - Adult piece

#4: OPEN

How to order a commission Email me to this adress:

Put: *Commission* in the subject

Fill out this form:

Rating: PG, Mature, Adult +$10

How many characters: If more then 1 character it's $5 extra

Character Name/s:

Race: Human/Anthro/Quad (Fourlegged character)


Hair color:

Skin/Fur color:

Fur pattern, marking color:

Eye color:

Scars, Tattoos, Piercings:

Clothing style:



Build: Average, muscular, slim, a bit fluffy

References: *if you don't have any that's fine just gimme more details and stuff*

Background: None/Simple +$5 /Detailed +$10

Anything special about the character I should know about?


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Streaming now! Commission me! {}Streaming now!
27/05/2016 16:53

PICARTO STREAM ON {} Working on a gift piece and also a commission
26/05/2016 18:55


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Skyiler Umishima

23/05/2016 18:39


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phake posted to Umeko

23/05/2016 19:25

Thanks for the favs and sub ;u;

Umeko · 23/05/2016 21:27

No problem :D I just joined just like now! :3

phake · 23/05/2016 21:34

That's kool, I've been here a wile but haven't done much on it XP